While my teaching load is high (usually 2 lectures and 3 labs a semester ~80-90 students), I do enjoy the regularity of it. This semester, however, I'm on sabbatical until June. The pressure is on to make it a productive one, but I still want to include time for reading and reflection. The weird thing about sabbatical is how unmoored you can get from a schedule. Hopefully a weekly tally will let me take stock and show where I might improve for the next week. In typical Promotion and Tenure language, here's what I did the week of 1/12/2015 - 1/16/2015


  • Set up 3TB RAID 5 array on my workstation, got Ubuntu installed
  • Read through notes and procedures from project I started 8/2014
  • Ordered parts for new PC to run MinION software
  • Scheduled meetings with my senior research students



Goal for this week: read more. I probably should commit to #365papers, but I already feel behind on that. We'll see.

Sabbatical, Week One

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